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Round A is OPENAbout Carat Venture Partners:Carat invests early, and with high conviction, providing $2 to $15 million in post-seed capital to finance the runway and resources required to syndicate a meaningful Series A and B and rapidly scale, while creating traction to market demand and faster exits.
Carat believes that knowledge-based capital combined with financial capital is essential to successful investments and sustainable growth. Our deep domain expertise and track record underpins our investment focus, as we harness innovation, brainpower, and data-driven research to partner with successful leaders and world-changing enterprises to make a positive impact on the world.
Carat partners with the most influential founders and strategic organizations to invent, launch, and scale the visionary businesses, products, and platforms that will propel us toward a better future.

Carat has experienced executives & operational experts with genuine partnerships across many industries.