Boby Rekhi

Co-Founder / Executive VP
California Mobility Works Inc
  • A veteran of Silicon Valley, Mr. Rekhi has been a key player in the Silicon Valley (California) venture community since its inception. Mr. Rekhi has considerable experience in High Technology
  • Mr Rekhi has worked for well know semiconductor companies like AMD and National Semiconductor and Telefunken Semi (Germany) where he was a Exec VP.
  • Through his understanding of the technology market and culture of the Valley, Mr. Rekhi has been able to be a part of success stories such as TestDrive Systems (acquired by RR Donnelly), AudioHighway (Nasdaq: AHWY, Market cap USD S500 Millions) CyberPlus (acquired by A4 Systems), Intellimatch, Mars Communications (Acquired by Globespan (GSPN)) and MTC (acquired by Echelon (ELON)).
  • Rekhi most recently was Chairman of California Mobility Works Inc. (California) HealthHighway (USA) and KARA Technology (Toronto. Canada), and founding CEO and Chairman of CyberPlus .